Friday, 3 September 2010

Comedy comedy

I have always enjoyed going to see comedy, however before this April I was a bit lost as to who to go and see and how to find good comedy on a regular basis...Oh, How I have changed!

After a brilliant 2 weeks at the Melbourne comedy festival in April this year where I crammed in as much comedy as was humanly possible in the time I now feel like I have a good grounding to recommend good nights and excellent comedians new and established. And loads of those who don't get as much attention as they deserve. 

I didnt get to go to Edinburgh. Instead I binged on the excellent Fat Tuesday comedy club Edinburgh preview shows.
Run by Tiernan Douieb Fat Tuesdays are at the Compass, Chapel Market, London. Tickets are usually £8 for around 3 solid hours of top notch comedy In an intimate and cosy setting above the pub.

I have seen Sarah Millchan, Josie Long, Alan Carr, Jack Whitehead, Jon Richardson, and many more here. Cant recommend it enough.

(Currently not on due to Edinburgh exhaustion)

Another very very good night is Old Rope. Run by the lovely Phil Nichols. For a mere minimum fee (usually around a fiver) leading comedians, circuit regulars and the best newcomers perform new material alongside main headline acts.The idea is that they have to test all their new material and only hang onto the noose (hanging over the stage) if they are dying and so need to use their old material a.k.a old Rope (geddit?)

Find Old Rope at

The Phoenix,
Basement Bar
37 Cavendish Square

People I have seen here are Rich Hall, Mike Wilmot, Ed Byrne, Steven Grant, Jack Dee, Stephen Merchant, Paul Foot, Robin Ince, Issy Suttie, Brendon Burns, Milton Jones, Shappi Korsandi, Chris Addison and many many more...its a little basement bar and all very informal. A really really fantastic night out.

This makes me laugh my arse off so I thought I would share.

Fashion faux pas - number one son.

I followed this nugget for about 20 minutes before getting a successful shot. It was very worth it.

Wife beater - check
Crocs with socks - check
Sarong style trousers - check
Oh, and dont let me forget the flashing green horns on his head.

Caravan Restaurant - Exmouth Market, London - Yum Yum Yum

images from

This is currently my favourite restaurant in London. Its a Kiwi run restaurant which really focuses on fantastic fresh food, booze and exceptional coffee.
The service is incredible with lovely friendly staff. I was taken there by my very own merry band of Kiwis on an eductational gourmet tour...(thanks kind friends!)

The Food: Its a classic Pan Asia Pacific fusion of  fresh, delicious communal sharing food. They have lots of little plates which it is best to eat tapas style and each taste a bit of everything. Lots of Avocados, fish and meat involved  - cheeses, vegetables and all sorts of fantastic and unusual combinations. Please go and have a look at the website. The menus are all on there. It is well worth a visit.

Illustration page for artwork by Mr Andrew James Jones

A man who I am fortunate enough to call a friend...See the link to his brilliant website and buy some of his stuff...struggling artiste that he is!

Damn! Nice stuff from my daily trawling for inspiration

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Education education education

Can anyone help me navigate this blogspot stuff I find it utterly confusing!

How do you searh for a specific site? I want to find design and photography blogs.

Any help very much appreciated.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Djing tonight at the Lauriston

Come along for my wonderful bag of dj tricks. everything from rock n roll, reggae, hippity hop, electro beats and pop.

8 - midnight The Lauriston, Victoria Park, London